Let's Shampoo Those Hair Extensions!

How to Shampoo Hair Extensions

Most hair extensions are produced and manufactured in a factory, most likely in China or India. Due to this fact, prior to the installation of new extensions, hair extensions should be shampooed. And, after the installation of hair extensions, when build-up occurs, from styling products they should be shampooed again as well. To ensure proper maintenance and extend the life of your extensions, please shampoo hair extensions as follows:

  1. Detangle hair, with fingers (curly extensions) or wide tooth comb (straight extensions).

  2. Wet hair and apply a pea size drop of shampoo to extensions. Using your fingers, gently rake hair from roots to ends. Rinse. Gently squeeze water from hair.

  3. Apply Conditioner. Using your fingers, gently rake hair from roots to ends. Rinse.

  4. Detangle hair and allow hair to air dry.


You can co-wash your extensions by wetting them, adding a small amount conditioner, allowing it to penetrate for about 5 minutes, then rinse and air dry.

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