Protect Your Hair and Avoid Heat Damage

Protect Your Hair and Avoid Heat Damage By Following these Simple Thermal Styling Tips:

Thermal Styling Tip 1:

Use a shampoo and conditioner that provides strength, moisture and thermal protection.

Thermal Styling Tip 2:

Wait until hair is completely dry before using thermal tools. Air dry if possible.

Thermal Styling Tip 3:

Use a heat protectant. I can’t stress this enough.

Thermal Styling Tip 4:

Use the appropriate styling tool temperature. Adjust the heat styling tool according to the texture and thickness of the hair. The finer the hair the lower the temperature.

Thermal Styling Tip 5:

When using a flat iron, the least number of passes is best. Less is more, 1-2 passes should suffice.

Thermal Styling Tip 6:

Only use heat styling tools on special occasions. Give your tresses a much needed break.




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